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Medical coding

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study partner finder


The more the merrier

When stuck, study-buddies for the rescue!

Do you often feel that…


... you can't stay on track without accountability?

... you could use a second pair of eyes on an example / guideline / rationale?

... discussing the concepts with someone else would help?

... you need a bit of encouragement to keep going?

If so, I have great news for you!

You don't have to do it all alone! :)

​Find your course-buddy today and achieve more, faster than you ever thought possible!

How does it work?

Step 1: Fill in the form below to submit your credential of interest and availability.

(If you are studying for more than one, please submit them separately so that you can specify the areas of trouble / talent independently for the different credentials.)

Step 2: Wait a moment while the site redirects you to the aggregation page

Step 3: Search for currently available students in the same specialty

Step 4: Connect with your chosen study buddy / buddies via the link provided by them

Step 5: Be excellent to each other!

Study partner sign-up sheet

Exam success, here I come!

All credential titles are the copyrighted or trademarked property of AAPC or AHIMA. For further information on them, please see the credentialing agencies' websites: and

My name is... *

I am studying for the... credential *

Let's connect via... [ do NOT provide personal information such as e-mail / phone!! ] *

I am in the ... time zone *

I am usually available at / after *

On the following day: *

I need help with... *

I can help with... *

My profile address is... *

Delete my study-buddy profile automatically on the ... of ...  [ current year ] *

By submitting the form you agree to have read, understood and agreed to the Study Buddy finder Terms of Use

Your content has been submitted

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Medical Coding Study Buddy finder Terms of Use:

  1. This is a legally binding contract between the User and The Coding Guild Ltd. Co. (TCG)

    'User' is defined as: a natural or legal person who submits data to the Medical Coding Study Buddy Finder's (MCSBF) database.


  2. The MCSBF's goal and purpose is to facilitate peer-to-peer connection of medical coding / billing / auditing / other HIM field professionals in order for them to find study partners within their area of interest.

    The definition of 'peer' is as follows: a peer is a type of User, a natural person acting on their own behalf, submitting data to the MCSBF in their own name; not representing or promoting a company / social network profile or group / school / any other 3rd party site or service

    Any other use of this service is prohibited!

    Please report all offending parties at


  3. The MCSBF hosted by The Coding Guild Ltd. Co. (TCG) is a free service for all peers.

  4. The MCSBF is for personal educational purposes only, TCG does not use, sell or share the information provided here for marketing or other purposes.

    If a school / instructor / other non-peer User (as defined in point 5) solicits your business based on your submission on the MCSBF, they are doing so in violation of these Terms of Use. If this happens, please let us know at  so that we can take legal action.

  5. As non-peer Users (defined as: companies and their paid or unpaid agents; individuals misrepresenting themselves as peers in the hopes of financial, social or other gain; paid or unpaid promoters or any other User not falling into the 'peer' category as defined in point 2) are disallowed from using the MCSBF, they explicitly agree to:

    - be charged $5,000 per profile created + $1000 per User misled. The number of Users misled will be determined based on the total number of Users registered at the time of the discovery of the non-peer User's profile. Payments due within 5 business days.

    - be reported to their credentialing / licensing agency(ies), their State Chamber of Commerce, the BBB and the social network(s) they are using for unethical behavior / harrassment

    for them knowingly and willingly misusing the service.

    For example: if there are 101 Users registered for the service on the 2nd of June when Company A's profile is discovered as one of them, Company A will be charged a total of:
    $5,000 for their profile + $1,000 x 100 for every User misled = $105,000

    Please note: all User submissions are tracked by IP address what will be used at court as evidence, if need be.


  6. All legal claims will be filed and tried at the TCG's local jurisdiction in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

  7. Hold harmless: The Coding Guild Ltd. Co. is solely acting as a platform for the MCSBF and is not censoring / filtering users or URL links posted, and as such, disclaims any and all liability from harm / harrasment / abuse / any and all kinds of endangerment or maltreatment caused by bad actors misusing the service.

  8. Everybody is using the MCSBF at their own risk!

  9. Users registering for this service remain active until the proximity of the date specified by them on the sign up sheet. While all efforts are taken to promptly delete user data on the 1st and 15th, technical errors might occur. Due to this, TCG upholds the right to be reasonably late in meeting the deletion request.

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