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The hidden job market

It exists in the HIM field too!


According to studies, approximately 80% of available positions are never advertised.

(Especially the lucrative, good ones.)

Roughly 80 out of 100 vacancies are filled through personal networks, without ever being publicly posted.

Or in other words...

The average  job seeker browsing online only has access to about 20% of the actual job market and is doomed to compete for that tiny fraction with thousands of other applicants.

Visible or invisible.

(What? :/ )

As it turns out, not just jobs, but candidates are hiding as well! And based on statistics,


You are one of them!

Surveys consistently find that

  • about 81% of already employed workers would leave their current employer for the right offer, while

  • approx. 57% of them is actively looking to do so

This is a huge pool of professionals approachable only by networking!!

The first group is not actively checking for opportunities, while the second isn't putting themselves out there for fear of repercussions from their current manager.




Floating around as applicant #04578113 in a stagnant, dead database of job seekers, waiting to be picked

- or not -

is still a reasonable alternative at finding a job.

But not the most effective!

If it wasn't true, referral programs didn't exist.

But they do, and You too can leverage them to improve your job prospects!

Get in front of those who have access to these unpublished & urgent jobs!

Image by Janke Laskowski


It's easy!


​Step 1: Fill in the questionnare below - approx. 2 minutes

Step 2: Get your resume ready

Step 3: Answer the phone when the recruiter calls

How does this work?

By submitting your professional details, You become part of a personal referral network.

When a recruiter asks for suggestions on possible candidates with Your skillset, You get referred.

For reference: the most recent requests were: anesthesia auditor, inpatient team lead, hand surgery profee coder and HCC coders / auditors.


How will my data be used?

All information submitted via the form will be used ONLY for job referral purposes.

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With any further questions, please feel free to reach out at:

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